Monday, June 10, 2019

The Sense of National Belongingness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Sense of National Belongingness - Essay ExampleThis paper briefly explores the sense of internalism or national belongings.Language is an important entity in creating national belongingness. Mother tongue binds people and creates a feeling of nationalism among them. For example, America is a country in which many another(prenominal) people from different parts of the world staying together. It is quiet possible that people from different countries like, Venezuela, India, Qatar or Greece may work together in an office in America. Even though all of them may have good command over English, if two Indians or Venezuelans meet each other in their office, they pass on use their mother tongue for communication purpose because of their love towards their mother country. Moreover, nobody can communicate in any other language as effectively as through their mother tongue. Language is an important entity which helps us to identify people. For example, it is difficult to identify two Fren ch people if they communicate in English language. On the other hand, if they use French language, we can identify them as French people. Same way, we can identify Arab people only when they sing Arabic language, Indian people only when they speak Hindi language and Chinese people only when they speak Chinese language. Thus language is a medium which expresses the culture and identity of a person.National language can bind people together. For example, in Indonesia, there are more than 720 local anesthetic languages at different parts. But the national language of Indonesia is only one which is Bahasa Indonesia. In India there are more than 28 states. Most of the states have different local languages like, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada etc. But Hindi is the national language of Indi which bind them together.Language reflects the perspectives, expressions, characteristics, and intricacies of the people. For instance, in ancient Greek there are many different actors line for lov e, which depend on the level of love and to who is being conveyed. Only the

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